Elections UK Style

July 5, 2024

I sat up last night watching the UK election results coming in ushering in a new era of Labour leadership. It was strange to me because I had become convinced that this country I have come to love was doing its damndest to become United States 2.0; the farther right the US went, the more the UK tried to catch up. The prospect of a Trumpian type leader was realized when Boris Johnson took over some time ago and I was sure the UK had caught up with the US in terms of batshittery on the political scene.

Seriously, how the fuck did we ever allow those two assclowns the keys to their respective kingdoms?

When the US regained something resembling sanity in 2020 – January 6th not withstanding – I was sure the UK would take the lead in crazy. For awhile it seemed like I might be right. I mean, c’mon Brits, Liz Truss was boss lady for like what? Ten, maybe twenty minutes?

After last night I am thinking you Brits may have walked back from the ledge a bit. I am not going to pretend that I understand the nuances of British politics, or even any number of issues unique to your country. But I do know that the Conservative Party turned into a bit of a shitshow.

Nobody knows shitshows better than Americans, so I know of what I speak.

And I have no idea where your country is going to go next. I just have a slightly more optimistic sense of things. I feel like the tendency to shit on those deemed other is going to be, at least a little, muted. Like the least among you aren’t going to be completely forgotten. I am not saying Labour will take care of the underprivileged and raise them to a standing they might not otherwise achieve; politicians are still shit after all. But I am saying that Labour doesn’t seem as inclined to use the marginalized as whipping posts to be blamed for all manner of ill in the country.

My own adopted country has their own election this weekend. I don’t expect similar results, but I do expect sanity at the end of it.

And then, come November, the real shitshow begins.

God help us all.

©2024 Rudy Martinez