Things I Wish I’d Said

Been thinking about Uncle Ben’s Rice the last couple days. I used to eat it quite a lot. It was so much easier to make than Mexican rice and I am nothing if not a lazy ass Mexican. 

I can say that, wypipo, not you. 

The other day I blathered on a podcast about how stupid people are for being butthurt that companies, like those that make Uncle Ben’s, are changing labels to appease others. 

Cancel Culture is what the easily butthurt call it.  

I laughed. Said something about people being butthurt over stupid shit because these are private companies and they have every right to make whatever changes they want with their product. Didn’t have the energy to explain why Aunt Jemima is a racist trope. 

What I am saying is it was the end of the work week and I was mentally too spent to be on my toes and say the things I wished I had said.  

I wished I’d said that people on the left and right who think Aunt Jemima getting a name change is anything more than a business decision is fooling themself. The Quaker Oats company isn’t suddenly empathetic to the plight of Black America, they are suddenly aware that Black America makes up a substantial market share and are collectively coming into their own politically and economically. They also realize that there is an entire generation of consumers coming up who are sick and tired of  the racism and misogyny celebrated by generations gone by. 

These companies did not become filthy rich by being stupid. To my friends on the left, this was nothing more than a business decision. To my friends on the right, companies have every right to make business decisions. 

As for Karen… 

I think I can be sold on that word, Karen, being racist when middle aged, middle class white women have to explain to their sons exactly how to act with police so as not to be killed. When she has to pray every time her son leaves that he will be allowed to return unmolested by the people sworn to protect him, maybe then I will consider the word Karen as potentially racist. Fortunately for Karens everywhere, that is not ever going to be an issue for them. 

And to my gay friends and family, I am sorry and I will do better next time.

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