Since way back in the days when I was doing stand-up comedy I looked for rudymartinez.com. It was not available. Dot net was taken by an actor. He’s got a cool name and he’s been on things I like so, I can’t hate on him. Every so often I would check again. And again. From what I can tell, rudymartinez.com is being held hostage by some asshat who wants to charge a premium. Maybe the actor can pay the ransom, but I sure as hell won’t. 

I was checking again this weekend when I saw that dot wtf is an available extension. 

I finally get my name AND a funny, albeit juvenile, extension? Yes, please! 

I cannot tell you how much I love something as simple as having ownership over my own name. 

My friend Tony asked me what I plan on doing with this new site. I answered with a gif that I will be taking over the world. 

For now I’m writing screenplays with my writing partner Charlie over at Movie Misfits. I plan on filming a short sneak peak into our first screenplay very soon. 

I have a few short stories in the works. The first part of a series is up over at dribble. I’ll archive that blog soon, but it will never be completely gone. Thought about keeping it and just continuing on, but I created it for a specific purpose and now that purpose is served. I still think I may collect the best posts and create around fifty copies of a book. Once those are sold… 

I also have to do something with my YouTube channel. I have a bunch of old stand up bits on my old channel, but those already have a home. You can find them if you are the sleuthing type. Maybe I’ll become a liberal version of Alex Jones and scream at the internets about the absurdity of trickle down economics and get apoplectic that we still don’t have universal healthcare. 

Or not. But taking over the world definitely has its appeal.

So that’s the plan. Stamp my presence on this part of the internets, write my things, do my podcasts, create my stuff, and be so good they can’t ignore me. 

And have so much fun doing it all that even if I never take over the world, the world will wish they got to hang out with me. 

Oh. I forgot to tell you, everything I mentioned above can be found on my new site. 


Copyright 2022 Rudy Martinez
©2024 Rudy Martinez