So Long, Farewell, blah blah blah

 Dribble is going away. I know the six of you will be sad, but I promise I will still be around. For years I wanted my name attached to a dot com, but it is never available. Neither was dot net. All the cool dots were taken hostage. Until I came across dot wtf. 

That’s right humanoids, I now own That is not a joke. Click it. 

Dribble will still be around for around another month. I may put up all my favorites on the new site. I really need to get around to putting together a collection for a book. 

So yeah, this has been fun. Inspiring. I’ll write a proper send off when I’m not watching football. 

Or not. 

Who can say?

But seriously, thank you. You’ve made me a better writer. And a better human. 

Titty sprinkles!

Postscript, fuck Donald J. Trump

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