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Yesterday was March 24.

Breakfast Club Day

It was my favorite movie up until I saw East Of Eden. It is still second only to East.

At the time, there was nothing like it to me. It is directly responsible for me touching boobs for the first time ever. Really. Me and my 8th grade girlfriend tried to see it in theaters. We weren’t allowed because we weren’t 17. So, we spent the two hours behind the mall making out and, well, I don’t mean to brag, but she let me touch ’em.

She wasn’t Canadian.

When it came out on VHS I watched it 80 glorious days in a row.

A TV can be turned to it at any point in the movie and I will stop and watch, and recite.

It was the movie of my generation. Generation X.

We were cynical, too cool for school, disaffected kids.

We were the progeny of Baby Boomers.

We were told we were lazy and unmotivated. We were berated by the generations before us as somehow failing to live up to the standards they set.

This, despite the obvious evidence that they were leaving us a shittier world than the one they were handed.

This generation! The old fuckers would blather. I knew what they meant.

Fuck you, old man. When it’s our turn, we’re going to do it different. 

Then it became our turn. We haven’t done much better.

We elected Bush II. Just wow.

Yes, we fought for marriage equality and elected Obama.

We didn’t stop an Orange Mutant from becoming #45. That one failure can undo the little good we’ve done.

More to the point of the post – we’ve fallen into the habit of the old guard.

So many of my friends posted memes similar to the one above while missing the irony all those other times they post memes deriding millinials.

The hypocrisy of it bugs the fuck out of me.

Millinials are different. They should be. The world they were born into looks decidedly different than the one we Gen-Xers were born into.

So maybe back the fuck off and cheer on the kids. They might surprise us and be the first generation to actually make things better than they found them.

If not, well, then they’ll be just like us.

Titty sprinkles!

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