We woke up in Ybor City

Honey wheat homemade bread toast for breakfast. So good.

Peyton Manning is getting treated a little differently than Tom Brady did.

The best thing about this Sunday’s slate of NFL games? The Chargers cannot lose!

We got beautiful flowers from a beautiful girl yesterday.

We love Jody and all of her isms.

This brings me to another thing I love about 2015: the people.

It’s hard to argue that there could be anything better than the people we’ve met and fallen in love with this past year.

I told you about the hero that is our friend Lorraine. Lorraine is doing some righteous shit with her life.

There is Jon, who is not gay, he just looks that way. Watching Jon and TGB hit it off … you know how you meet someone and it’s as though you’ve known them all your life? That’s how it felt watching them two.

Jon is trying to look hetero.

Oh hey, I knew you in a previous life! 

Yes! It is so good to see you again!

That’s what it was like. Jon’s a beautiful soul.

There are the bald white guys – Ben and Matt. They don’t know each other but, as all bald white guys do, they look related.

TGB and I have already resolved to marry Ben should we outlive the other of us. Ben has no say.

Ben, could you at least wait til after I die to smooch her? Charlie, thank you for the picture. *fap*

TGB is jealous that her coworkers have mancrushes on me. And yet, he doesn’t want anyone to see his face when we’re together in public.

Trust me, you want Matt’s face covered.

There’s this gaggle of goober smoochers:

One is a goddamn rock star, the other two TGB’s minions.  

Scott I may have mentioned (click the link in the photo caption).

Next to him is Jake.

If loving Jake is wrong, I don’t wanna be right

Jake stole a part of my heart on cruise in March. Everywhere I went he was there playing his violin. I could write an entire dribble about him and what seeing him on the cruise meant to me. Any kid can pick up a guitar, bang on the drums, or even slap a bass. To play a violin on a rock-n-roll cruise… there were times when he stopped all of us just with his playing. And when you get to know the little fucker, you realize, holy shit, I want a world full of Jakes.

You know the blonde. She’s gorgeous.

Then there’s Kevin. He’s a manly man who sometimes wears a skirt.

It’s a kilt, Rudy.

Tomato, tomato.

Kevin brings people together. I like that.

There’s the Laurens, the Billys, the Katies, the Amys, the Ambers, the Mikes, the Sarahs, the beautiful mass of humans who have laid their piece, or pieces, of the mosaic that has made this year one for the history books.

I know by now you all have likely gotten sick of hearing about our girl, Charlie. The thing is, girl Charlie is the thread that ties 2015 together. Without her, there is no Kevin, no Jake, no Goddamn Rock Star. And without music, there is no Charlie.

I think Samantha (yes, TGB has an actual name) would agree with me on this: 2015 wouldn’t have been a fraction as awesome without you.

Charlie, you make our lives embarrassingly rich simply by being a part of it. And THAT, is a 100% true story.

Titty sprinkles!

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