Kissing is like a fight with lips

Melissa Stark is on my television. Suddenly, being awake before 7 AM on a Sunday doesn’t suck.

Gaze at the wonder that is a hot dork.

One of my ten favorite things about 2015 has been the music.

From the time five year old Rudy was able to put a needle onto vinyl and commit the lyrics to Fame to memory, I have been a music nut. Music made me feel things I couldn’t articulate. Alive. Bigger than my body. Acutely aware that I am every bit as big as the world I inhabit.

Somewhere along the way, five year old Rudy woke up and was 42. Being the ultimate answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is all fine and good but, I wasn’t quite as passionate as I once was about music. It wasn’t music, it was me.

Then I got on a boat.

And fell in love with a violin player.

For three days I was surrounded by music. Music I already knew and fell more deeply in love with and, music I had never heard but, suddenly couldn’t get enough of.

There was the tiny girl who bragged about her brother’s band. There was the shy girl who now sends me a new song every week. There were artists huge and small. There was music on a beach.

If you ever wonder what sheer, unbridled joy looks like just come back to this picture.

I got off the boat and haven’t been able to consume enough music in the time since.

My favorite musical discovery was Ben Marwood Emily Barker Skinny Lister Jeffrey Lewis …

It’s been that kind of awesomeness this year.

I got off the boat and devoured everything on Ben’s website. That lead me to this amazing Ben Marwood video:

Which made me fall in love with Ben Marwood. Which lead me to devour everything I could find of his. He… I… just so fucking good.

Meanwhile, the same photographer did a book for a girl named Emily so we bought her record and my ear holes have never been the same. Emily Barker is the single greatest voice I have ever heard. My favorite voice. Ever. There might be better songwriters, singers, performers, whatever. But that fucking voice is untouchable.

Skinny Lister is my favorite new band. So much fucking fun! So much fucking awesome
And I really do want a this machine killed dubstep tattoo. 
Jeffrey Lewis is the music we all need. His music will single handedly make you smarter. When I saw him open for Andrew Jackson Jihad I’d never heard of him. Then he did a song about the history of the Vietnam Conflict. It included a kickass video presentation. Whatsmore, I learned things while getting my dance on. Fuck yes, music can change the world! 
Hell, I even got to see Dropkick play opening night at the Pats game.
But the apex of my musical year was when the new Frank Turner album was released. 
You know I love Frank. But, every album of his has one or two songs I can live without. That’s not a slight, it’s a simple reality that most albums do. 
Positive Songs is not one of those records. Holy fuckballs, Batman, there is not one song on this album I do not love. It’s one of those little records that remind you that you’re really okay. You don’t suck. You, yes you reader, matter. That’s the kind of album it is. And it is officially on my top five of all time list. 
2015 has been my favorite year in music in well over 20 years. 
Titty sprinkles!
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