What a country

239 years ago today, the United States wrote the ultimate Dear John letter to the UK.

‘Merica, the UK’s crazy ex.

The Great Experiment. That’s where my brain always goes when I think of my country. It’s a mess of a place. She’s a woman who steals your heart then shits on it, but even when you’ve had enough you keep believing in her because, even if she can’t see it, you can see the beauty underneath all that mess. You know what she can be because you see how much better she’s become.

I love my country. Passionately. Whatever our Founding Fathers thought our country would become, I have to believe it is both better and worse than they ever imagined.

I never once have seen an American arguing about something wrong or right with our country and thought, love it or leave it. Hate something you see going on here? Damn right you work to change it. That’s what this country was founded on. That is the very essence of being an American. You don’t leave because it gets hard, you dig in and fight harder.

No, when I see someone fighting about something wrong or right about our country I think, good, you’re at least you’re engaged. Unless, of course, the person arguing is a FOX News watcher. Fuck that guy.

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