All I want for Christmas is for you to share this

I hosted a show last year to help raise money for a little girl named Maddie. She was fighting cancer and that shit gets expensive.

I couldn’t say no to this much awesome.

Some say this was the highlight of the show.
A few months ago her treatment ended and everything was looking great. Then last week happened. 
The cancer is back in a bad way. 
So a few of Maddie’s friends and family are trying to give her the best Christmas a little girl could ask for. Via Facebook…

The family is putting together a VERY SPECIAL Christmas for Maddie and it would be awesome if you guys could help. Alex’s sister started a wishlist on Amazon and we are looking to give Maddie the best, biggest Christmas she could imagine. We are going to donate a huge house that we are turning into a Castle for her (She’s still hooked on Frozen) and we want to have as many presents under the tree as we can! Here is a link to the Wishlist: Maddie’s Wishlist

It’s Christmas so I am asking you, Dribblers, to either click on Maddie’s Wishlist and get her a little something or share this post (or both if you want to be super-awesome!).

Let’s make her Christmas more than she could ever imagine.

Thank you all for being Super-Awesome!

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