What If We Just Stay In Paris?

When we first considered moving to Paris we didn’t really talk about staying. The plan was a year in Paris while we explored the whole of France to find a place to put down roots. Find a small apartment in our favorite arrondissement, spend our days getting lost in the City, taking a trip every week or two to some part of France we’d yet to discover.

The 10th Arrondissement

But then I had a thought: what if we just stay in Paris?

So what if we do? She shrugged. 

And that was that. 

Her sense of adventure rivals mine. I wasn’t expecting that when we first got together. Now I catch myself loving the challenge of having to keep up. Maybe we’ll end up in Marseilles. Maybe Bourdeaux. Maybe Edinburgh. Maybe all of them and a few others.  

I never wanted a long life, just a good one. I’m starting to think that maybe I want both after all.

I don’t know that living in Paris for the rest of my life is what I want to do. I don’t know that there is any one place I will spend the rest of my life. But I do love knowing that, well, she’s up for anything.

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