41 – It’s Okay To (Sometimes) Phone It In


I forgot how draining it can be to write something every single day. Don’t get me wrong, I have a literal list of things I want to cover with these fifty posts. Just not fifty. And over the Labor Day weekend I found myself having to scramble whilst I was busy with all the long weekend things.

Like playing hours and hours of Fallout 4?

Yes, exactly that. 

It took a really long time to allow myself to just do the minimum. It took even longer to be okay with allowing myself to do the minimum. 

Let’s be honest, our culture doesn’t really leave a lot of room for people to just do nothing for a bit. The hustle mentality and pull yourself up from the bootstraps bullshit really has us all believing we need to be going full throttle all the time. 

It’s easy to forget that reason we work so hard, the reason we hustle, is that we can enjoy things when we aren’t on. Primarily because we never really allow ourselves the freedom to turn off. 

I blame the Puritans.

Me too, brain, me too. 

So, I scratched out a few posts without much thought because, well, I can. And I am cool with that. And when that little voice in my head started chastising me I had to tell it to shut the hell up. 

You’re not the boss of me!

Because, boys and girls, this life is too damn short to work so damn hard all the damn time.  


– shut up, brain.  

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