Election 2022 (DUN! DUN! DUN!)

I won’t say I have apathy about this election, but, well, there is a part of me that keeps telling myself that I don’t have to worry about this shitshow much longer since I’m leaving in the spring. 

If I’m honest with you, I really don’t care. I’ve done my time, served my country, done my deployments. I swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. I did my time. So when I see millions of Americans rushing to the party that would use the Constitution to wipe their ass after already seeing them elect an Orange Troglodyte who said women in the military shouldn’t be surprised when they get raped because they’re in a man’s military and picking a running mate who thought women had no business in the military at all, well, I’ve done my time. 

So if the electorate decides they want the party that promises to rig every election going forward, that promises to shit on anyone who doesn’t fall in line, that promises nothing of actual substance, well, I can’t find it in me to care. I won’t be here much longer. 

Maybe there will be a Blue wave and the democrats will win out. Maybe the good guys will shout down the guys who want to rip away a woman’s dominion  over her own body. Maybe they’ll shout down the party that made it okay to tell people who look like me to “go back where you came from.” Maybe, after all of this, there will be a reset and the crazies that have taken over the GOP will be forced into the back row while saner voices retake the party. Maybe we’ll get back having politicians willing to reaching across the aisle and work together, putting country over party. Maybe. 

Or not. 

Either way, I’ve done my time. Maybe France won’t be much different. Maybe their brand of crazy is no better than ours. I do know that they have their own issues. I also know they have a history of treating human beings like humans first. I know that an apathetic day at the polls means only 73% of the eligible voters show up. I know that when their far right crazies get loud, the rest of the country gets louder. So, I’ll take my chances. 

I just don’t feel like I owe my own country anything anymore. 

I’ve done my fucking time.

Good luck, America.

Warmest regards, 


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