A Parisian Wedding

A regular Friday like no other

I woke at 6 AM and wrote something, had a lot of coffee, and then… took a nap. Jet lag is no small thing, my friends. We ended up sleeping til well past noon. Suffice to say, it was a rather lazy first full day in Paris.

We needed stuff for our airbnb – some cheese, some toiletries, some wine. Obviously.

Monoprix bag
You must bring your own bag to the grocery store.

Let’s go meander.


So we headed two blocks east to the Seine and walked along site of the Eiffel Tower. It did not suck. Along the way, we crossed a blissful and beautiful couple in wedding gear. I snapped a quick shot as the walked past us and up the stairs to cross to the Seine.

We were starving so we hit a tourist trap and overpaid for okayish food. But the view was great and, well, we’re in fucking Paris!

The Gorgeous Blode and the Eiffel Tower
My lunchtime view

After lunch it was time to adult. So we hit Monprix and got what we needed, including a bag to carry it all home. Of course, the Mexican set off the alarm on the way out because self-checkout doesn’t allow for the removal of theft deterrent devices upon purchase. I walked back in wondering how to say, I’m a dumbass in French.

Je suis un imb├ęcile.

After we dropped the victuals back at the apartment we… smoked. And did nothing. And checked in on the news back in the States. But I promised no more politics, so I won’t write about Congressman Owen Fourteen McCarthy.

Let’s head west this time.


So we walked along some French sounding streets that had less tourists and more happy hours. Cheese and wine was consumed, which is all The Gorgeous Blonde has ever wanted.

So, some people on the internet have asked ‘why the 16th’ and I only know that it was an arrondissement you were interested in.

It’s safe, it’s up and coming, and it’s posh. Mostly the posh thing.

So there you have it. I may or may not have embellished her answer a little.

We meandered about some more after our meal. The moon was out and glorious.

Always look at the moon.

Honestly, the bulk of the night was spent holding hands, looking at real estate listings, and laughing. A lot.

The jetlag is fading and we have things we want to see and do here in the 16th. Mostly, we want to settle in for awhile to get a real feel for what it is to live here. I am hoping that today will be less touristy and more nitty-gritty and getting into the real Paris.

Eiffel Tower and the moon
Hey look, the moon again.
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