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So far the start to my day has been right around 4:30 in the morning everyday. Today was the first time I didn’t go back to bed for a long nap around 9 AM. I was awake for a few hours alone, listening to the Paris rain, eating a baguette with butter and raspberry jelly. Or is it jam? I really don’t know the difference.

By the time The Gorgeous Blonde awoke, the sky was blue for our morning coffee (my third) and cigarettes. I went all in on being a cliché and bought Gitanes. They’re quite… adequate. Like most cigarettes, they go great with coffee.

We headed down, across the Seine and into the 7th arrondissement for the day. Walking across the bridge just north of the Eiffel Tower we stumbled across another adorable newlywed couple. I posted it on my instagram so you can find it there. We took in lunch at another tourist trap right beside the Tower.

The Gorgeous Blonde
The Gorgeous Blonde in Paris

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon like we do: getting lost in the gorgeous city. We walked down to a really big street market that was winding down as we arrived. It was our own fault – we stopped at every real estate place along the way. There are A LOT of real estate places here. We likely won’t ever be able to buy a place, but we are feeling much better about our rental options. Rent was always the plan, boys and girls. In a couple/few years we’ll likely head to Bordeaux, or Montpellier, or… who can say?

African Queen (to me)
I stared so long she got really uncomfortable.

Plus, there was a lot of just stopping and taking it all in, ya know?

Girl On Scooter
Quintessential Paris

We saw some military barracks, some cannons *pew! pew!* and so many puppers! What I’m saying is it may have taken us a little longer to get to the market than we had anticipated.

Cannons pew! pew!
Cannons pew! pew!

By the time we arrived, things were in a definite downswing. So we sat outside a café and smoked. We were gonna have a coffee and watch the pretty people walk by, but the blue sky made way for the clouds and then the rain came down. So we walked home in the rain.

Until it stopped. The weather changes fast here. You’ll go from freezing to sweating in a matter of minutes. Sometimes both at the same time.

Musée Rodin
Musée Rodin and the Tower

So we walked home before heading back to the bakery for our morning baguettes. We have our own bakery now. We’re nerds. We’re becoming Parisians.

We called it an early evening because tomorrow we’re heading to Versailles for an overnight stay.

Stand Here
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