It’s Duck(ing) Cold

I like winter in Paris. Whenever we walk, I shove my hands deep into my coat pockets and The Gorgeous Blonde slides her arm into mine and away we go. I will miss that once the weather gets warmer.

That said, I need a hat.

In a place as fashionable as Paris you would think finding a stylish hat would be easy. You would be mistaken. So, even with a gorgeous head of hair, I freeze from the top down.

We spent the day meandering the 10th arrondissement. Paris is made for meandering. Our routine is very much where do you wanna go?

That way?


And we go. There are so many little alleyways, arches, wide streets, narrow streets, paths that might be streets but we can’t really tell. And so many stairs.

Hanging on a wall in an alley.

I wonder where these go.

Let’s find out.

That’s how we found our little boutique hotel from so long ago. Tucked away in a little alley, across from a theatre and a board game shop was our first taste of Paris together. So we floated in and had lunch.

Hôtel Providence, Paris
Hôtel Providence

After lunch we searched for a hat to no avail. Zut alors!

We meandered back to our apartment in the 10th and did some French learning on the Mango app.

Il fait foie af.

After class we headed out for a light dinner of cheese, bread, and wine (or, in my case, an NA brew from London). As we got off the elevator there was a ~2 year old blocking her mom from getting into the building and giggling. She turned, saw us, and promptly shouted, no! and stuck out her tongue for good measure. It was stupid adorable. We laughed and I begged, si’l vous plait and she giggled and relented.

When faced with the force an adorable two year old I find it is always best to go along to get along.

Cheese was had, wine was consumed, joy was shared.

The end.

French Cat
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