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A Saturday Night In Paris

With my favorite band Last night was the Garbage show. It was their best show of the half dozen or so I’ve gone to. It was my favorite show –…
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French Election for Dummies

July 6, 2024 I suppose, since tomorrow is a rather important day in recent French history, I should write a little something about the French election. On Thursday the UK…
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11:11 Paris Time

July 2, 2024 Those amongst you that know me would probably say I do not suffer from that sort of self-consciousness that keeps most sane people from spewing whatever crosses…
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Pigeons of Paris

Love and Grief I was walking Dexter, my fluffy dog who is already far more Parisienne than my wife and I combined, when I came upon a pair of pigeons.…
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Every Brilliant Thing

And a note to my wife on a train ride from Spain to Paris I told her she should watch this thing with me. I tried to describe it… it’s…
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Come Monday

Last time we spoke I told you that we received word on the first apartment we submitted our dossier to. We got the apartment, but since it was a Friday…
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Hammering In My Head

The other day I posted something I sort of regret. I say sort of because there is always noise in my head shouting me down and it’s embarrassing. But I…
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The Seine at night

What I Don’t Miss

The world is so Americanized it is difficult to miss things I always thought of as uniquely American. KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s are all walking distance from our apartment in…
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French Cat

It’s Duck(ing) Cold

I like winter in Paris. Whenever we walk, I shove my hands deep into my coat pockets and The Gorgeous Blonde slides her arm into mine and away we go.…
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