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This Is a Draft

July 4, 2024 I have started, deleted, then restarted this more times over the last several months than I can count. I may never get around to actually writing it…
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This Boy

July 3, 2024 My mother caught wind of something I wrote sometime ago. It wasn’t anything new to her; she lived it as much as I did. But she was…
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Me & Jen

Jen, not Jenny (never Jenny)

MEET CUTE INTERIOR – MORNING – HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM Girls are lined up alphabetically along the numbered west wall. Boys are lined up alphabetically along the numbered south wall. CAST…
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The Bad – Part II

This one comes with a trigger warning. I talk about sexual molestation. Funny thing about that (strange funny, not haha funny) is that it took me decades to acknowledge it…
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The Bad – Part I

I want to tell you about my cousins Jesse and Joey and why they’re both dead now and how my dad saved me from ending up like them.
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Li'l Rudy at Nana's

I Was Five

Originally posted on my substack. Sign up below. When we left Augusta I don’t remember the street where we moved to next. I do remember a park across the street…
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Adorable me in a tub with a toy.

I Was Born

The story of me This post originally appeared on my substack page. Feel free to subscribe. Or don’t. I’ll still love you either way. I was born. Of that I…
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